About Sadik Sebi

An IT naturally talented young lad and fully empowered  in different fields of Computing with great experience and proven record in ICT / Computer Studies Teaching both in UCE and UACE, Website designing and administering, database administrator among others. A multi-skilled and proactive person that can handle most computer related practical tasks. Strong analytical skills, highly motivated and hard working person with a high sense of duty, loyalty and integrity.

Extremely flexible person who easily adapts to the situations without compromising with principles and responsibilities; one that values consultation and transparency; respect for others; and a zealous believer in voluntarism. My first formal job was with Ministry of Internal Affairs_National ID Project in 2014 and currently teaching ICT/Computer Studies in one of the giant schools in Kobko District i.e Kochi Secondary School (Call the Head teacher Mr. Dada Daudi on 0782207478) and Daystar Secondary School (Contact the Headteacher on 0782072828). With the above positions and responsibilities, they laid a strong foundation for me in the field of ICT and its applications.

ROLE Models: Mukalele Rogers and Mark Zuckerberg

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